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• Organic and Biodegradable

• Zero VOCs  • Non-Toxic

• Cover Previously Painted Surfaces Without a Primer


  As Canada's only milk paint manufacturer, Homestead House continues the tradition of our past by producing authentic milk paints. Their recipe stays true to authentic milk paint containing all natural ingredients such as

chalk, clay, limestone, and casein (a milk protein)

and natural earth based pigments.


Authentic milk paint provides a long lasting

very durable finish for interior or exterior uses!

 The result is a very durable paint popularly used by modern designers, green consumers and home

owners seeking to capture a variety of modern,

trendy, antique and textured looks.


 When absorbed into a porous surface, Milk Paint

will never chip or peel. Milk Paint is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is naturally mould resistant.



Milk paint provides a completely breathable coating and is ideal for painting plaster, drywall, straw bale houses and a variety of other surfaces.


With Homestead House's Bonding Agent you can now use Milk Paint on even more surfaces such as previously painted walls, varnished or lacquered surfaces, previous coats of paint, ceramic tiles, metal or, glass.

We carry Homestead House Milk Paint's in pints and testers as well as all their full product line which includes:

Bonding Agent • Hemp and Tung Oil • Furniture Wax • Antiquing Wax • White Wax • Salad Bowl Finish• Beeswax Block

 Mixers & Whisks • Odourless Solvent • Transfer Gel • Brushes • Brush Soap • Crackle

Click here to visit the Homestead House Milk Paint website.